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Reviewed in Australia on 26 March 2020
my use case for this was to turn a Logitech G933 into a Bluetooth headset aswell.

setup is simple, and the only thing you may need to refer to the instructions for it to identify which is mode (RX or TX) send and which is receive.

I observed the battery to last 3 hours of continuous use.

the range is surly going to very for many users depending on layout, however for my particular use case where i have the MUSON Bluetooth reciever pluged into the G933 wireless dongle, then im useing my phone to connect to the MUSON, in this way i get audio from my phone, piped through to my wireless headset, in this configuration im getting about 2-3 meters of range, sometimes less, if i move even 5 meters away it will disconnect. to be completely reliable without any dropouts ive found i need to have my phone within 1 meter of the MUSON.

the range advertised is 33 feet or 10 meters when connected to a TV specifically, which seems to indicate to me it is being used in TX mode, and not the RX mode in which i am useing.

while charging the device puts a subtle yet frustrating buzz into the sound feed. if your listening at low volumes or through quiet suspensful situations this will be really frustrating, for constant listening (like an audio book, its preety tolerable. if you unplug it from charging, this particular complaint is removed but now you have a 3 hour use life to deal with.

i can see this being much better in a car for due to the short range which i am experiencing.
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