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Reviewed in Australia on 23 October 2020
Many excellent points are made, and IMHO the vast majority is true. I just want to elaborate a bit on the comment the author made about health care in Australia. It is paid for by a levy on all Australians and is meant to be a safety net so people can get the medical care they require. It is not meant to be a 'Rolls Royce' scheme. If your life is not in danger you can wait quite a while for treatment, even if you are in pain etc. Many such as me think the waiting lists are a bit too long, but it was never designed to be like private insurance where you get nearly immediate care. I will give an example. I recently broke my Distal Femur. I have private health insurance and was operated on the same day. If I used the public system I was told I would have had to wait 3 days in a good deal of discomfort - but my life was not in danger. Australia is a democratic country and Australians, by and large, are happy with it. Of course those that do not take out private health insurance always complain they want better care, most realise to provide 'Rolls Royce' care to everyone would require a levey much more than the majority are willing to pay. It's simply, via the democratic system, what society considers a safety net. Everyone agrees we need a safety net - but the level of that safety net is what people democratically decide.
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