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Reviewed in Australia on 15 July 2020
The ‘idea’ of this device is good.. until you actually buy one and set it up and realise that many of its “features” are useless.

Connectivity and set up can be troublesome. We bought two of these for both relatively new cars. One is 2.5 years old and one is a couple of months old. The 2.5 year old car is the one I tried first with not much luck. It asks during set up can your phone be connected to your car via Bluetooth, to which yes it can, so I clicked yes. However to then find out it doesn’t want to put any sound through Bluetooth or connect to Bluetooth without me removing the option within my stereo/GPS system to be able to use Apple CarPlay (which actually is connected via USB not bluetooth). So I then after multiple problems setting up and keep trying to reconnect etc, I connect it via AUX as if my car didn’t have Bluetooth, which works and lets me use Apple CarPlay and well. So thats good other than having to have an extra unsightly cable to have to try and hide. Second car, which is a few months old, it allows the Bluetooth connection no worries and set up wasn’t quite as painful. But then, the problem we both have is that for instance when dropping in on one of our amazon echo’s at home, after 2 min, we both experience a drop out and an almost restart of not only the amazon echo auto, but also Apple CarPlay and our phone, all have some drop out all since having this echo auto installed. Very buggy. Not sure what the problem is there but its not good.

Another terrible thing about this product is the asking for directions.. so you ask for directions to somewhere, to then be told to tap a notification on your phone to receive directions... on your phone.. which is pointless as ours are in the built in wireless charger under the dash and plugged into Apple CarPlay where we would prefer to see the directions. So you end up not using this feature if you have Apple CarPlay/android auto because its much easier to ask Siri or whoever your phones assistant is for directions which then come up on the display in your car. And to have to pull over and stop the car to tap a notification? How stupid and pointless.

The only thing we are liking about having this addition to our car is being able to turn the Air Conditioning or heater on at home when we are on our way home or the electric blankets or lights or any other smart home device ready for when we arrive home.

Verdict is.. don’t bother.. not worth the price at all.
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