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Reviewed in Australia on 1 November 2020
First delivery - I was stunned. This item had to be delivered from California, yet even with Covid-19 etc it was in Melbourne 2 days after I ordered it. Well, it did take another week to get from Melbourne to my PO Box in NW Tasmania but even so delivered well within the promised time frame.

As to the speakers themselves, haven't had much chance to really listen yet but can confirm that they don't add much (if anything) to the input they get. I'm currently using a new Marantz CD player (detailed, clear, etc) an a 40 year old Luxman amp, which tends to be on a bit on the warm side for current taste - and that is exactly what I hear through the Elacs. Clarity, detail, plenty of space and a warm, even slightly fuzzy bass. I'm looking forward to swapping amps for my much newer Denon to see what difference that makes. Anyway, if you've got a half-way decent sound source then I'd recommend these, but maybe not if your source is an MP3 streaming app. For bookshelf speakers they are quite big, and seem to prefer a little bit of space between the wall and the back of the speaker, so that is something to bear in mind
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