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Reviewed in Australia on 2 August 2019
I'm of two minds about all of the Alexa-like products.
On the one hand they're really convenient. I mean, how easy is it to just ask the Dot to give you the latest stock price on your shares? Or the weather where you're travelling to, or later in the day wherever you are? Or the dozen other little things that occur during the day. I have Dot set to load Prime up on my Mac at 9.30 every night and start playing where I left off on whatever I've been watching. That's super handy.

I feel like I've painted a target on my back. Big brother watches. I've just given some faceless possibility the means to track everything I think, do, watch, listen to, search for, whatever. It's another security risk.

Sure, that sounds a little paranoid - but with hackers and scammers coming out of the woodwork looking for a way to invade or even steal your life, it's definitely something to think about.

I love it, but I fear the possibilities, and despite Googles mantra of old "do no evil"...well, they've proven that is no longer the tenet they exist by.
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