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Reviewed in Australia on 13 December 2019
$850AU is a solid amount to pay especially the $150AU for an additional 64GB.
I don’t regret this purchase though, here’s why.
Mark Zuckerberg , the founder of oculus and his team have Been working very hard on the software for this headset and getting games to the system and it’s paying off.

Oculus link is out (they’re working on a guaranteed 5m cable).

Hand tracking is out, a bit buggy but will get there (it’s in it’s experimental phase)

The guardian is fantastic, basically an invisible wall you customise so you don’t hit any walls or furniture.

The tracking of the controllers is 98% only had an issue here and there whilst playing beatsaber when your controller moves outside the scope of the cameras on the headset, which is rare as they are a wide angle.

The amount of games over the last month that this snapdragon processor can handle is crazy (Samsung galaxy s8 processor)
Since it is a phone processor... they do compensate some games graphically e.g textures are smoothed on some games. But it makes up for it in gameplay.
There are a few free games to get you started after the hefty price (the price here is actually pretty good, you can get a better price around Boxing Day or Black Friday due to the nature of these events).

The main negative I have is that it is front heavy, I bought a silicone face cover for it, rechargeable batteries for the controllers and a cover for the lenses while not in use (the sun can damage the oled display)

Overall it is a 8.5/10
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