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Reviewed in Australia on 14 October 2019
This pillow is definitely a big step forward compared to the standard variety, but don't expect perfection. If you really need a comfortable sleep on your flight, go for that lie-flat business class seat in the front of the plane :) If, however, the pointy end is not an option, then this pillow is definitely a great helper. Its greatest advantage for me was that it kept my head from bobbing side-to-side, it was really great for that. However, my neck still got a forward-backward twist. I also felt the pressure on my jugular veins - as the pillow supports your head from going left-right, it unavoidably squeezes the sides of your neck. And, of course, you're still sleeping half-upright, so pillow or no pillow, your sleep position is unnatural... So, there's only so much that this pillow can do. But still, it was a well-spent $60 - it does make the long journey in the back of the plane more comfortable.

I found that it's better to ditch the manufacturer's attachment instructions and simply pull the double stretchy band over the headrest flaps, otherwise the velcro fastener tends to come off all the time.

Apart from comfort, the other great feature is that it's really compact when packed, makes it a lot less unseemly than those cheap pillows dangling off backpacks.
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4.5 out of 5
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