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Reviewed in Australia on 7 December 2020
Background: I've got a fairly long history of audio, I used to produce, record, mix/master etc. so cut my teeth on pro audio equipment (studio monitors etc.). I prefer a neutral sound signature with nothing overly hyped and appreciate a detailed midrange and treble.

Impressions: For the price these are great, Edifier have made some good choices with tuning/DSP implementation to get the most out of relatively small speakers.
I'm listening out of my computer using an Apple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter as a DAC in to the PC input and listened over bluetooth from various Android devices, quality over bluetooth was fine.
The bass is good for everything >100Hz, below that things get a bit sketchy, with some level discrepancies (e.g. listening to 'Lemon' by NERD some of the bass notes are basically silent). I did run a tone generator through it and could hear a sine wave down to 40ish Hz which is impressive for a 4" woofer.
Mids are nice, fairly accurate, the midbass can be a bit boomy with some spoken content (e.g. listening to people talking on the radio).
Treble is nice. It's smooth but there's a lot of high frequency energy happening. This is one of the main issues for me as the treble won't sound overly loud but after about 30 mins of listening my ears will start to feel fatigued which is not fun.

Pros: Great value, can get very loud, Bluetooth 4.0 works well, comes with all required connectors, they look good and are pretty unobtrusive, controls are nice and it's good having treble and bass controls. Great stereo imaging.

Cons: Lots of high-frequency energy (lots of treble!) gives me listening fatigue fairly quickly, even with treble control down (can't turn it down too far as it cuts way too much). Bass can be hit and miss depending on frequencies (it's all or nothing, probably how it was tuned to get the most bass out of the system). Bass can be boomy and bleed in to the mids. No standby button on the unit (apart from power off switch). Volume resets at power on to 50% (too loud). Weird volume issue over Bluetooth (basically full volume on the speakers as soon as the phone was turned up just above the minimum)

I'll be returning these for two reasons:
1. The S1000Mk2 is on special for not a whole lot more and should give a better all-round experience, and
2. The treble gives me sore ears and sneaks up out of nowhere because the treble is so smooth (even with the dial turned down).

If the budget can't be stretched you probably won't find better powered speakers for this price, if the budget can be slightly stretched I'd recommend one of Edifier's better offerings (potentially the R2000 as it's got a bigger woofer)
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