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Reviewed in Australia on 17 October 2020
I'd read the reviews for this before I made my own purchase and was well prepared for disappointment, just in case, so I am not surprised by some of the cons I'm going to list below, but I'll list the pros first:

PROS: Great colour, app allows for a lot of customization and control.

The colours are great. I have no problems with the saturation and colour configurations. I don't really use the remote since the app works really well. You can save presets for custom colour settings, play local music from you phone and have the lights pulse to it without using the mic, or choose to have it pulse according to mic input (both from either your phone or the LED dongle thingy itself - you can also control the sensitivity of the mic which I didn't expect).

The length of the adapter is pretty decent. I mounted it on my wall with some mounting tape (NOT the ones provided. Those are terrible. Don't use it.) and it reaches from my ceiling all the way to the floor (a little over 2.5m).

No complaints about the brightness. You can adjust it, but I just leave it on the brightest setting and use it as ambient lighting. The "white" setting isn't exactly white, so if you need a really good, pure white light then maybe not, but if you want the rainbow then it works great. I've got mine set on an auto timer to turn on and off once it reaches a certain time at night.

You can also control multiple light devices with the one app. I bought two packs and can control each separately, so I've actually got 2 different colours of lights on at the same time, with no problems of interference or any problems like that.

CONS: Terrible adhesion, also, I bought more than one pack and the two sets of lights are slightly different colours.

The issues with the tape and the adhesion is something I was prepared for, having read a lot of the previous reviews. If you're mounting these, I'd definitely recommend going at it with a roll of good double-sided tape at the ready. The original tape isn't terrible, but definitely isn't strong enough to hold itself up completely if you put even just a little bit of extra force on to it, and the corners will definitely need reinforcing. It also picks off paint very easily. I've lost several chunks of paint to this, but that doesn't bother me too much. When mounting it, I had to be really careful to not even leave too much of the light strip hanging, so that the weight doesn't pull off the bits of light I'd already mounted.

And while I did say the colours were great before, I bought two packs of 10m (so 20m total) and the two reels of lights are definitely different colours. Not wildly different, but noticeably different to me. Like one end would be a rose red, while the other would be closer to a crimson. The way I'd mounted them downplays the effect so that it's only noticeable in the one corner where the ends of the light strips meet, but this is something you should probably keep in mind.

I'd give these a 3.5 if I could since it's not as if these are without issue, but I'm happy enough with these to let them have a 4. Really the only thing that bothers me is the difference in the colour programming of the different sets of lights. So if you plan on buying these, be prepared for inconsistencies.
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