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Reviewed in Australia on 26 October 2018
‘The Lost Man’ is every bit the page turner you expect from Jane Harper, such a gifted Aussie writer. I have devoured all of her books as you can feel the heat and taste the red dust just like the characters - characters that will seep into your skin like the landscape... you will love and hate it and them in equal parts.

‘The Lost Man’ will have you thinking a lot about the ugly side of human nature as it builds an atmosphere of tension underneath an intriguing murder mystery that keeps you glued to the story from page one. This however is not a whodunnit or a detective lead mystery, at it’s core is a family unravelling - the Bright family, who are struggling to come to terms with the horrific death of brother/son/husband/father/uncle/nephew, Cameron.

It's told in first person POV mainly from the perspective of Nathan, who is the eldest son and lives on a neighbouring property completely alone.
“He couldn't simply leave, for a lot of reasons. Financial. Practical. And not least because sometimes, quite a lot of the time, he felt connected to the outback in a way that he loved. There was something about the brutal heat, when the sun was high in the sky and he was watching the slow meandering movement of the herds. Looking out over the wide-open plains and seeing the changing colors. It was the only time he felt something close to happiness."

The information is unveiled, first raising questions, then answering those with new questions, until you're swiping madly trying to figure out what exactly happened to Cameron, and who was behind it. I found it highly addictive and I would say it’s my new favourite book by this iconic author, as I already feel the need to read it again as I am sure I will reveal totally different dimensions I missed on first reading... It’s definitely a new Aussie Classic...
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