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Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2020
For anyone wondering this is an authentic Sandisk product at a better than retail price and the delivery for me arrived early which is awesome. The issue I have with this product is that there is seemingly only a difference of 10MB/s read speed between the Sandisk extreme PRO 64gb A2 micro sd card and the Sandisk extreme (not pro) 128gb A2 micro sd card. For roughly $10-15 more you can get the Sandisk extreme 128gb A2 card which holds double the storage while reading at only 10MB/s less. Speaking strictly about micro sd cards I'm not sure why, other than a crude marketing attempt, Sandisk would sell almost identical cards with slightly different names but charge far more per gb for the extreme pro card. Looking back if I knew what I know now I would have simply bought the extreme 128gb A2 instead of the extreme pro 64gb A2
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