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Reviewed in Australia on 19 November 2020
I was very excited to take delivery of this product, which I wanted mostly so I could play existing, VR capable, games on PC.

However, despite "PC VR Compatible" being one of the supposed selling points of the Quest 2, setting up to use the PC for playing games on Steam requires the purchase of a piece of software called "Virtual Desktop" and then requires you to "sideload" a patch on top of this. I ended up having to rely on a VR savvy friend to come over and use a Youtube walkthrough to help get this done.

There is also an Oculus app to download to your PC and this will allow you to buy games. Only problem is that games bought through this app aren't downloadable to the Quest and must be played tethered to the PC. WTF, especially, when this isn't stated clearly on the purchase page?

Intriguingly, while there are sales on the non-transferable games that you can buy using the oculus PC app, literally none of the games inside the oculus version of the store are on sale. For example, I bought one game through the PC app (50% off) expecting to be able to download and play it through my oculus, but when I discovered I could not I also discovered that the same app was still full price inside the Quest version of the store.

A major problem is that there really isn't any good content for the Quest at this stage. What little there is, is hugely expensive, charging AAA prices for CCC games. I'm very much into open world games, for which VR should be perfect, but most Quest games seem to involve standing still and overcoming waves of enemies. Expect to spend hundreds of dollars in the search of good VR content.

I was also quite disappointed with the quality of the build. At the very least, I would have expected glass, rather than easily damaged plastic for the lenses, especially given how easily they fog up. The headband is a disaster, forcing you to spend yet more money and the price that Oculus wants for both this and its "Link" cable is criminal.

My advice? This device (and probably VR as a whole) simply isn't ready for prime time. Hold off until the next generation of VR, or if you must buy it, wait until there is some halfway decent content.

The fact that most of my time with the unit has been spent watching Amazon Prime inside a Virtual cinema says much about the current capabilities of the technology.
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