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Reviewed in Australia on 8 August 2020
I waited a long time for this book. We all did. Now, Twilight haters are gonna hate but they’re not who this book is for. This is for the eternal Twilight fans.
Whenever I went back to read the Twilight Saga, I would always read the rough draft that we had of Edward perspective at the same time as I read Bella’s book. And I always preferred being in Edwards head. I just enjoyed the journey more. Now that we have the finished version, I feel even more, that I prefer to experience the journey through Edward. A lot has been added to the rough draft, but also a lot of the original work is still there. The continuation also adds much needed back story to Edward and the rest of the Cullans. I left the book loving Emmet, Jasper and Esme so much more than I did before, as so much more was added to their characters and personalities. My love for Alice remains the same as she was always a large role in the old books. Rose is a different story. In the old books, I didn’t feel much for her at all. Sympathy was generated in the later books when we learned her back story but there wasn’t that much to her... now? I freaking hate the cow! Seeing inside her head through Edward, you learn what a selfish, petty child she is. I’m actually really glad for this. As I said, I didn’t really feel much for her at all before and she now has room to grow as a character.
I know it’s unlikely, but I really hope Stephanie continues writing the rest of the saga from Edwards perspective. There’s so much we miss out on without him. Also, being with Edward, we could get the battle details Alice shares with the Volturi that was added in the last movie from her vision. So much can be learned that is missed in the original books and new experiences can be had through Edward. Heck, he goes off completely on his own in the next book! I really, really hope Stephanie continues. It’s so worth it.
Great work and thank you so much for finally giving us Edward <3
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