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Reviewed in Australia on 6 March 2020
I have bought four pairs of wireless earbuds, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Buds, and the Powerbeats Pro. Have bought the Soundpeats True Wings, just as a replacement to my Powerbeats when I need to do some dirty work/sport (Didn't want to soil my $360 earphones). And, I couldn't justify the $360 that I've spent earlier.

Right off, the decent packaging opened up to a light and beautiful case which contains some well-designed earbuds. The case, as well as the earbuds, felt very well built, to the point that it doesn't look like a sub $50 purchase. Both the case and the earbuds are significantly lighter than the Powerbeats Pro, but did not feel cheap by any means. Fits very comfortably, and are actually more comfortable than the Powerbeats Pro with a slightly relaxed fit comparatively (no big difference once the Powerbeats Pro has been adjusted accordingly).

Touch controls are a real bonus that the Powerbeats Pro lacks. I control my Soundpeats with my shoulder which works brilliantly and is more comfortable than using hands whenever they are wet or dirty. Though they are IPX7 rated, wet hands would lead to uneven touch inputs which can be avoided by using a shoulder (really works, unless you keep doing it and look like you need to scratch your head).

As long as the sound is on, it felt 90% like the Powerbeats. Did not find a difference unless I concentrate to find the difference. The bass is exactly the same in both of them, although the mids and highs are slightly more defined in the $360 pair, the Soundpeats never felt bad. For a sports earphones, I don't think that slight extra detail is important as it is hard to realise the intricacies unless standing still. I can't explain how good they sound, at that cost. Definitely better than some other $100+ wireless earphones I've tried so far.

The only issue is that there is a slight hissing sound when there is no music played, which disappears as soon as something is being played. Also, the in-ear detection is a hit or miss, as it sometimes keeps playing even when taken out.

So far, I have been a fan of these, and have convinced 4 of my friends to purchase them, and they are all happy with their spending.

Definitely worth buying, and you'll never regret.

Edit: Turns out the hissing is caused by the app I have used them. Never had that after reinstalling the streaming service. So, there's no real drawback here.
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