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Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2020
The Q1 Pro grips are some of the best ive used. The previous grips I used were the strap grips from Esimem, which, the straps were not good. They were too wide and solid, blocking my access to the triggers.

These grips however do not have that problem. Combined with being attached to the sides of the grips instead of to the controller, they dont get in the way in the slightest. The straps are fully adjustable allowing complete comfort for your playstyle and can even be taken off if you prefer (although I have no idea why you would do so if you buy these).
They attach with a buckle which works well. This buckle i feel however is the weakest point. However its also easily the most replaceable piece, its a simple plastic square buckle for the straps to loop through.

The grips themselves do feel slightly on the cheap side however they work. One thing they really should have is more of a 'grippyness' to them, other grips have something like a texture on them which helps me keep the orientation and stuff correct wheras these dont have them as much. The texture is subtle. Id argue for the price there could be better quality material used for this, but it works well nonetheless.

They stay attached through the tightness of the grips on the handles of the controller combined with attaching at 2 spots on the ring around the controller. This part is the second weakest part for me, the material at this section is at its weakest and if you move it wrong I feel it could possibly tear.

A major con for me as someone who plays beatsabre with the sabre handles is having to take the grips on and off, these grips take a few minutes to take on and off each time. If you are more interested in just playing beatsabre, these are really not for you. However in titles like superhot? These are amazing. Being able to let go of the controller and still move it feels great. Doesnt feel like it could slip off at all.
The fact these also can use the standard wrist straps too for extra support incase they do somehow slip off is great and feels fine.

Question is..Are these $40AUD worthy? That really comes down to you and how you are going to use them. For me, most definitely. If you are playing games like superhot and other fps and such, these are worth the cost and I really do recommend picking these up. I rate it 4.5 out of 5, these would be 5/5 in my eyes with those few little things fixed.
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