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Reviewed in Australia on 12 September 2019
There's plenty of praise for these nappies and they've served us well, and when on Prime sale for $32 AUD they're a bargain for the 192 pack! That being said the quality seems to have dipped significantly as out of this batch, quite a few of the nappies are showing signs of QC issues such as the adhesive taps already opened/stuck onto themselves or the material around them, or the attachment area for the adhesive piece not able to be unfolded rendering them unusable, or the skirt area for the leg also being poorly constructed with bits stuck together. In the heat of the moment of rushing to put a new nappy on, the last thing you want is to open a nappy which won't unfold or unstick, or where the adhesive pads for the waist area are not able to be unfolded or where the area you're meant to attach it to won't unfold either because it's had some kind of glue stuck to it. Out of 192 nappies in the box I accept there may be a couple of less stellar examples, but this box seems to be a bit more pervasive and I'd say approximately 15-20% of the nappies are not up to the usual quality standard and some have had to be discarded immediately. The ones where I risked using them even though the adhesive pads weren't able to be stuck entirely onto the waist area did sometimes lead to clothing getting hit with the number two.

So my conclusion is, yes they're decent nappies, and yes they're good value when on sale such as during Prime day, but be mindful the quality is not what it used to be so be prepared for some wastage unfortunately. Quite disappointing really.
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