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Reviewed in Australia on 28 May 2020
The unit is sleek, unobtrusive and would fit comfortably on any desk.

It is entirely plug and play, ready to go, as soon as it was plugged in without the need of manually installing drivers or any other software.

It has certainly improved my working from home experience during covid19, the four bays is exactly what i need for my mouse, keyboard, web camera and focusrite soundcard. With the soundcard and webcam, I perceive no performance degradation (input lag, frosty sound or dropped camera frames).

I think the unit has excellent value for money, there aren't many switched usb hubs in the market, so i think they have very competitive pricing which is good (i wanted the convenience of not having to switch cables between my work laptop and desktop, but i didn't value that convenience much more than forty bucks)

While i'm overall very pleased, i feel like there's a couple things they could do to get that last star.
- Auto switching, default to whichever machine is on, on starting or shutting down of a machine.
- The LED's are very close to each other, so close inspection of the unit is required to know what is on.
- The supplied cables were a decent length, but an extra half meter would have been very much appreciated.

Braided cables would be a very nice touch, but isn't necessary for a perfect review, the cables supplied seem like very high quality.
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