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Reviewed in Australia on 7 August 2018
Unbelievable Bass from such small drivers! These In-Ear SoundPeats Q30 headphones will shake your brain... when it matters.
Fire up some hip-hop and you'll think you're at a concert, or in a car with 12" subwoofers, it's very surprising how much kick these little guys have.

Their use case is for exercise and fitness activities, to zone out from the world and into your workout. And they do just that, the silicone buds and wings create an excellent seal from the outside doubling as earplugs almost. Presumably, you'll be playing upbeat tempo tracks, and leaving your Opera mixes for another time when at the GYM, so being Bass focused headphones are a perfect match for the presumed music genres for a workout. You don't buy a Ferrari for Supermarket runs, or a Kia Carnival for Track day, so purchase these headphones for their primary use and therefore their presumed target music genre.

With that being said being bass heavy does come at a cost, and presumably, the mids can become lost amongst the thunderous boom of the bass. This isn't a concern in songs which you'll probably be listening to when working out that are kick dominant, driving your rhythm based on the bass, but on a Live track where the drummer isn't the star of the show, they become just that, sometimes getting in the way of the vocals.
Turn the headphones above 60% (which is actually quite loud, and on my phone [s9+] alerts of "high volume range" for headphones) and the High's will become quite pronounced, and at about 80% they'll break apart into a much harsher signal (possibly due to being battery operated). Listening at 80% volume for a long time would however probably render hearing damage as it's very loud. I have not pushed them to 100%. Their Sound Signature reminds me of the Sony Max or Extra Bass series, so quite close to a reputable company.

The Verdict, at their price point these headphones are a MUST have. At a comfortable listening volume, they'll provide exceptional sound quality for their price. Remember these are Bluetooth headphones, containing a rechargeable battery via Micro USB, inline music controls and microphone, 3 ear sized tips for a ridiculously low price. For me personally, these are a great addition to my headphone collection, one which ranges up to the $400 mark, so my expectations for audio is quite high, and here the SoundPeats Q30 hit the nail on the head for their target audience and purpose.
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