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Reviewed in Australia on 15 October 2020
Like many others when I buy anything from Amazon I read the negative reviews first.
Hence I am leaving my review in the 1 stars for those sceptic of you.

Sorry to leave this review in the 1 stars, it is definitely a 4 star producr only if the manual is fixed.

Before buying these I considered what percentage of users have given these headsets a one star which was only 5%.
And most complaints were about Bluetooth connectivity.

When I received these I realised that these headsets seem to have only one problem: their user manual is not properly written and seems to be written by a non-native English speaker with several grammatical mistakes. This confuses people about how these headsets use the Bluetooth.
So as a techie, I will explain it here. If anyone from the manufacturer reads it, your product is great but definitely update your manual.

These two headsets have two independent Bluetooth connections. So they show on your phone's Bluetooth search with two names. These two names are very confusing as often one of them seems connected to your phone and the other one doesn't.

However only one headphone needs to be connected to your phone as the hradphones get connected to each other via Blootooth. In this way one headphones connects to your phone via Blootooth and passes the sound to the other headphone.

So when you see the two Blootooth headphone names on your phone, you need to connect to only "one" of them. When you do that you can hear that one of your headphones says "connected". Now simply press the button on the other headphone and "the headphones get connected to each other".

Simple but as I said not very well explained.

Aside from that, it is a very neat product.

The sound quality is great for this price range.

They may not fit everyone's ears though But for me the size was ok. Also I took them to the gym for some light cardio and it was still a good fit.

So my thumbs up. Again sorry to leave this review in the 1 stars, it is definitely a 4 star if the manual is fixed.
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