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Reviewed in Australia on 21 March 2021
The transmitter would not end phone calls, I had to physically reach out to my phone to end the calls.
Other issue I had was after using Google Assistant or ending phone calls, when I adjusted the volume up or down for the music that was on, I noticed the transmitter volume was also controlling the volume off my phone.
I saw the volume bar on my phone moving every time I adjusted the volume on the transmitter.
I then try to adjust the volume from my phone, I noticed that if I turn the volume of my phone up or down it also control the volume on the transmitter.
Tried my wife's phone just in case there was something wrong with my phone but had the exact same issue.
Only way to stop that was to press the volume knob for 3 to 5 seconds on the NX09.
I wasn't prepared to do that after every phone call or every time I stopped using Google Assistant.
Also I was disappointed by the lack of support by Nulaxy, they really didn't understand what the problem was when it came to the sound/volume issues.
I had to write two emails to them to try and explain it, I even put my contact number on the first email so they can call me direct to discuss it with me.
I wasn't prepared to keep going back and forth over email with them for probably no solution, so I sent the NX09 back to the Amazon for a refund.
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