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Reviewed in Australia on 5 September 2019
I’ve owned multiple first and second generation echo dots and the 3rd generation dot is undoubtedly a drastic improvement. The sound quality has much more depth and can almost fill a room while previous generations had a distinct “tinny” quality. Alexa is still incredibly responsive. My previous dots were paired to bluetooth speakers for music however this generation has adequate enough quality for casual listening. Bass response is still lacking but is to be expected from devices with this small form factor. An important thing to note is while the previous generations were powered by micro usb the current generation uses a dedicated DC power adapter which means it will take a space on your power strip. The echo dot 3 represents great value at its RRP and is even better value when it regularly goes on special.

Update: just found out the hard way that the australian power adapter is ever so slightly (about 1-2mm on each side) larger than the US power adapter and as such a lot of the mounting options sold online that let you hang the echo dot off the plug will not work. No idea why amazon would do this as the dimension difference is so nominal that they surely would have been able to fit the au adapter components into the same size as the US plug.
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