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Reviewed in Australia on 15 January 2020
The screen itself is has good quality visuals for what you pay.
However, it isn't worth it if you run into some problems, like I did. I bought a second screen before the issues started, and that one has so far fared okay but it's still early days (less than one month).
Issue number one was that the cables provided did not match up with what was listed, but I let that slide as they provided what was necessary (two HDMI cables: HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to mini HDMI; a female HDMI to male mini HDMI adapter; and a 5V power source/plug).
The real issues began one month in: the HDMI ports on the screen started to retreat into the casing, so I couldn't plug in the cable any more. I unscrewed the back of the screen casing and I found that whomever had built this had only used 1 out of 3 screws to affix the bracket into place. Luckily one screw was rolling around inside the cover, so I used that one to somewhat screw everything into place.
The most recent issue I have had is that the HDMI cable (HDMI to mini HDMI) completely failed after 2.5 months of intermittent use. I used the other cable with the adapter and it works fine, but I will have to buy some higher quality HDMI cables, as both provided cables are of the same poor quality. I have been careful with the screen and cables, so I assume that this was just one underpaid employee doing a lackluster job to speed things up, but that only explains the port issues, and not the cable issues. I hope the power cable lasts - it is very thin, and looks flimsy. I managed to power it with a very short USB cable, but again, this needs to be of very high quality or it won't provide the screen with enough power.
Buyer beware, you might have trouble with the screen, you'll definitely have problems with the cables.
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