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Reviewed in Australia on 21 October 2020
Bought during the Amazon Prime Day sale. Arrived in perfect condition. To be honest, I didn't expect much here and bought pretty much on a whim, and while it gives a *very* *very* *firm* massage some may find off-putting, I felt it had some positives (although you probably want to use it in measured doses).

The heated function was nice - a gentle warmth. I found the neck pillow massager was good, that the vibrating seat was good, but I have mixed feelings about back massage section (which was borderline brutal, particularly on the thoracic area of the spine). That is not to say I hated it (in the lumbar area, I felt it was alright), but I did pull up bruised later that day and still felt bruised the day after.

Having had the opportunity to try out some top of the line Japanese massage chairs over the years, I am used to the more vigorous massages these machine massage things give, but I think the upper back section of the massage chair is going to be very love/hate for people (and you might want to exercise some care when first using).

That said, at the price I paid, and for what it it is, I think I'll hang on to it myself and see if I can adjust. As long as potential buyers are aware this is more a hard "thumbs in" type massage than relaxation massage (and is harder than than you would get in a real full sized massage chair), they shouldn't get any unpleasant surprises.
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