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Reviewed in Australia on 26 March 2020
First, the firmware/User Interface that ships with it is really bad (fw2.27). It pops up and says new firmware available but it takes 10 mins to download a small file. Then it's supposed to have an 'Upgrade' button pop up. My upgrade button never popped up the first 4 times I downloaded and tried to update. They should recall all their unsold units and re-flash fw with a better initial UI.

The new firmware UI is much better. But, after 4 days of using this thing, it lost it's mind and now can't see the WiFi signal that it was connected to. In fact when I go to the dashboard, there's no indication that it was ever configured as a repeater what so ever. So now I have to take it and go plug it in the main router and set it all back up. For this WiFi configuration, that is a PITA. I'm going to set it up one more time and if it looses it's mind again for any reason at all, I'll be returning it.
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