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Reviewed in Australia on 18 September 2019
I have been an avid Huggies Ultimate user since the birth of my son, 4.5 months ago. Huggies Ultimate have been the only nappies that we have found not to result in nappy rash. After going through a few different brands depending on what was on special, we soon noted that any rash would clear after a day in Huggies, and not require any cream to manage. However, after buying this one month supply from Amazon, on first fitment it was obvious that the nappies were slightly different.
My husband then noted that this box was made in China, after Kimberley Clark (Huggies manufacturer) closed the australian factory.
The fitment of the nappies was slightly different, and we have had a few escapes, which is unusual. The absorbent material must be slightly different, and also the main concern was that nappy rash appeared after a few nappy changes. My husband then sought out a box of Australian made Huggies Ultimate, and again after a day the rash dissapeared. He tried a minor science project, were it would only take 3 nappies from the made in china box for rash to appear.
After raising this with the Huggies help line, they asked us to send in a few for samples. We were dissapointed to receive the following response, and then have since went and purchased a few months supply of the Australian made nappies, until we can find another brand that is acceptable:

"Our new Huggies Ultimate range has been re-engineered to deliver our best care for baby’s skin, with improvements to our three-way combination of softness, dryness and absorbency - now with a hint of organic cotton. This is why they may have felt a little different to the ones you used before.

Our Quality Team has now completed testing of the nappies you kindly sent in and we can confirm they were within specification and that no defects were found that we would expect to cause or explain the concerns you raised with regards to irritation. Every raw material used in our nappies (whether produced locally or overseas) has been assessed to confirm that it doesn’t cause skin irritation and is not made with chemicals or other properties that are harmful to skin health. There are many types of skin irritation but one of the most common issues is nappy rash. Sensitive baby skin is susceptible to nappy rash through skin wetness or over hydration, increased skin pH levels, exposure to irritants in poo and urine, even things like teething or heat. This makes it hard to pinpoint the cause of the rash. So when it comes to skin health, prevention is always better than cure. For more information and tips on how to help to prevent nappy rash, we encourage you to visit (link removed)"
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