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4.7 | 1,688 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Received the door lock very quickly. It was well packaged and protected. The product is exactly as described and what I
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By Cam_Typhoon
Easy to install as I was replacing an older model. Did it
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By Angela H
Now working fine and we find it very convenient not to have to dig keys out when we get home. Only comes with one key to use in case battery goes flat - two keys would be better. Had a problem at first a bit of plastic blocking number 1 inside the mechanism. Took a couple of days to put it back together and now all
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By Bernadine Fred
4.6 | 8,239 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder Deadbolt great product so easy to install and program, nicely built very sold on the door - the supplier was super fast with delivery. I recommend this
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really good for the
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By Bill
I found the instructions provided to install this lock clear and easy to follow. The lock works well and looks like the images. I gave it 4 stars as I think the buttons are a bit soft to press, it is good that they have an acoustic
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By lauren
4.4 | 7,549 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For anyone, August is contactable, If one looks at the bottom right hand corner of the August Support webpage, you will see a "?" in a black box, click on it and this is how one gets support from August, it might not appear in Firefox.
The Amazon Alexa apps for August are not on the Australian version of the Alexa app. (This I
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By CjD
I have an Australian Lockwood deadlock currently on my door a i live in Australia. The tail is short in the deadlock unlike the long one shown in the simulation and does not say how to manage such locks. Basically only works on single cylinder deadlocks not double cylinders which most Australians use. I guess this product is built
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By Terence Santimano
I have purchased the Smart Lock Pro as well as the Keypad, and it worked reasonably well for a few months. The fair pros / cons are below, but the headline is that after 3 months the lock doesn't engage my deadbolt, and the company will provide no refund, replacement or fix as I am outside the US / Canada. Of course, they had no issue
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By Yamen Sader
4.4 | 3,018 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The longest part of the install was due to my lack of woodworking skills. I took my time and was happy with the result. Paired this with a Gainsborough G2 passage set in matt black from Bunnings.

Setup was a breeze. All four members of the house had fingerprints and pin codes entered in no time.
I had to adjust (twist)
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By Scott
Took 20 mins to install into the existing cavity of my door. I have the U-Bolt pro with the WiFi bridge. This caters for my parents (key), my kids (fingerprint), my wife (code) and me with the IFTT when I am in range. After 1 day (Aug 2020) we are very happy (will update in a month's time). The WiFi bridge like most similar systems needs
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By Tony Polykandritis
This lock is garbage, they just don't work, they take ages to load when using the bluetooth, as for the wifi bridge they don't work remotely, its a very cheap bridge that drops in and out all the time, its junk....

Sadly for me its now the second brand I have used that don't work, these, not so smart locks, are someones good
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By Wilso
4.3 | 3,001 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one of the Best Buy’s I have made in a while. No forgotten key now and after we come through the door it just locks after pre-defined time so no forgetting to lock the door. If in doubt and you are a belt a braces person you can this design allows you to see at a distance if it is open or locked, it’s a little thing but we
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By Mark
Been using this for just over a month. Had a locksmith install it as I wasn't interested in drilling, burring, patching, painting over my mistakes, etc. Once installed, the software was okay. A bit confusing between the Yale & August software sides. Needs better documentation. But once working with the August software (don't use the Yale
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By K
My previous lock was getting more and more difficult to use, to the point where it was almost impossible to insert or remove the key. The physical installation of the Yale lock was quite simple, although the same cannot be said for the setup of the online functions. I got there in the end though and now I have a lock which is simple to
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 478 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super fast delivery, very happy with chicken guard. Works well and seems to be reliable. Would definitely recommend to any one that gets home late or to any one wanting to go away overnight. Very happy free range chickens that have worked out their new coop and door
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Let the chickens out on time every time and lock them securely for the night.
Using it for the last 4 months, works
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By A A Grinberg
Excellent product, easy to install and use. No more going out in the rain to lock the chooks in, very convenient
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 279 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Replaced the broken catch on my 15 year old Winnebago, with the identical original part.
No modification or problems to fit the unit, just screw it on and as good as
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By ken hughes
We had a broken latch in our motorhome and did not know where to find one. Amazon came through which was
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By Sue
Great product on time delivery great service kept well
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By AAoz
4.3 | 958 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This lock fitted easily into the standard lock holes with very little work required to fit perfectly. Easy to assemble and works
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By Darren Graham
Works very well and is quite solid I have put on my shed weather permitting time will
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By Mary
Does not work, absolute garbage, instructions are poor and help is not available and none responsive, total rip
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By Anthony Fielding
4.4 | 375 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
these are great locks have used and installed them for years however one real issue is the screen will lock and you cannot enter the pin so essentially you are locked out . Not sure if its a bad batch but bought 10 of these recently and had 4 lock outs not fun client facing when they want to get into their house at
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By aaron pynt-parkhill
Alternative color options would be
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By Adele
I purchased two of this product. looks stylish and works per functional. Love
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4.1 | 1,505 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved the prompt delivery. Smart little accessory gives convenient protection from unclean surfaces when touching public handles, keypads and elevator buttons. Attaches to bag and wallet zippers or keyrings, Recipients love them!. Especially useful and reassuring, just adds some more protection in the time of the virus.
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By gwenda M.
Very cute. The actual key ring is a lot better than the one in the picture, so I wouldn’t worry about it breaking. Very
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By Teodora
I like the product, is definitely useful specially when going on lift or crossing to push buttons. I guess for me it was more about the fact that after you use it you need to clean it to make sure you do not place any germs on your handbag. So the same will be with my fingers, I will need to sanitize my hands after pressing any
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By c
4.1 | 1,007 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Apparently it is just too difficult for my real estate agent to install a security latch (after some dodgy HOA rule prohibiting a secondary deadbolt magically appeared when I enquired about that) so I was stuck for security options.

Apart from the machete next to my bed, the only thing that was holding back the door was some
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By Maximus Meridius
this seems to be a good product, I guess I will only know how good it is when / if someone tries to break
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By Anthony J Graham
It's a perfect handy light-weight security device when you travel around, easy to use, I am thinking purchasing the bigger one as
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4.2 | 467 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great lock for a door without a deadbolt and works with the im1 module for HomeKit
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By Connor Mcgarry
Be careful the screws that were included did not fit, had to go to hardware store to buy right size screws, plus there was no instructions in the box. Other than the lock works perfectly
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By Thy Theth
Whilst the locks themselves were good, the chip to connect to the Wifi did not work. I have emailed Amazon twice and have not had a
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By Jeremy
4.1 | 617 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to install, clear directions.
Really happy with fingerprint and code entry. Looks really
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By Celeste Vogrig
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It's good would recommend to anyone the only problemm it doesn't work with the
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By Gunay
3.8 | 830 customer ratings
67% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The smart lock is easy to install and use. The fingerprint sensor is a bit of a hit and miss but it doesn't bother me too much. The pin code is quite easy to use and setup too.

If open or close has a notification sound then it would be perfect to make sure it has actually has locked it or unlocked. Otherwise, great price for a
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By Nick
I used it for internal access from the garage into the house. Was really impressed with the build quality on this this. The handles are heavy and have a premium feel. Can be swaped around for left or right hand doora. Looks great when installed. Was a easy replacement for the existing lock. No additional holes needed. Its easy to setup.
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By Amazon Customer
Easy instructions for install, simply replaced my existing lever lock. Didn't need any drilling at all. Programming is easy as well. Built well.
There are times when the lock says "door open" but it doesn't open and further attempts don't work until it is opened from the inside. This happens only when previous authentication has
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By Sacha
4.3 | 17 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I need to automate door to my chicken scoop. With this product I was able to achieve my goal. With the 12V it's secure and now, instead of getting out of bed very early, Electric Magnetic Door Lock is working for me and my chicken. Realy good product and very easy to
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By Richard Majchrzak
Nice, neat unit with a very low
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By Peter
Unit is strong well
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By Ronald Hamilton