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4.8 | 10,737 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We set it up in our daughter’s room and it works wonderful. She likes the rock a bye baby music or rain and we use it and the light to rock her bed the last couple nights. We and she will definitely get its full use out of it.

Thank you again, she loves
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By A.Joe
We now have two of them, 1 for each kids room. Yes it’s a little on the expensive side but we’ll have them for years so for us it’s worth it. Changing the colours and sounds and being able to program times and the toddler lock. It’s
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By Kalu James
I got this for someone as a gift. They just slapped a label on it and threw it in the international post. Not a great idea, I cant give this as a
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By Demonic Dragon
4.6 | 4,886 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It arrived today and I already love it!! The colours look amazing and the remote is super easy to use. Only downside is the wooden stand, it broke really
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By Monisha
The galaxy lamp looks just like the product photos, everything works perfectly and the wooden stand is sturdy and easy to
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By Nate
Looks horrible. Not as
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By Kratika
4.7 | 919 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cute little light is perfect portable light for kids (and big kids too - makes a great reading light)

Cute soft head - simple press it to turn on and off, and hold it down to increase/decrease the brightness. The battery lasts us weeks before recharging.

We received one of these as a gift when our baby was born
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By Ian L
We love this night light! It looks very cute, but is also practical. We leave it on a low setting all night, which has been great to check on the baby at night, but not bright enough to keep us parents awake. It’s easy to turn up the brightness for night time feeds or nappy changes. It is super easy to charge, and I love that it
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By Fiona
This is the first time I ordered an item like this on Amazon.
I usually buy night light from traditional supplier but I gave it a try this time.
The item is more than I expected.

1. Materials
When I unwrapped the item, it's soft and kids friendly. You can feel the difference between this item and other cheap
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By Hoang Le
4.6 | 2,008 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is perfect for sleeping for any age- my son is in Primary School and he loves this night light as he can alter the brightness and the colours using a mini remote from his bed. Highly recommend.
One thing to note is that when it's fully charged it will run out within a couple of nights- maybe good to keep it plugged in if you're
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By A.A
Great product. 18m old bub loves playing with it as do her friends. 2 others have since bought one as well. It's safe, durable, easy to clean, and once you work out how to get your preferred colour to stay it's a great night light, with brightness varying across the different
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By Alex Bojahr
It was a great light and my son loved it but after 2 weeks the charge stopped working unless it was on a weird angle. Then very shortly after that, it stopped charging at all. I tried contacting the seller but had no response so am in the process of returning it through Amazon. Shame bc it was a great light - seems others users have had
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By linda
4.5 | 6,543 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great toy all the children I took it too loved it...hours of fun. Needs a supply of pens for it. This would help for the fun to continue.
Great for practising drawing and
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By Ven Drolkar
Bought these for my kids and they enjoyed using it, the only problem is the lights are not bright enough and the markers don't last
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By Johnny Chung
Absolutely disappointed in this product screen is cloudy so can't see picture and the colours are faint ,not bright like
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By candice
4.5 | 6,239 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had to push cable in harder than felt right but that gave it much better connection. Base very light and not very secure but it does function as a base and looks neat.
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By Cain E. Filious
I bought this for myself and immediately sent a loved one the Moon Lamp as a present because it was just before Xmas, that’s how impressed I was. It’s absolutely beautiful, and the capacity to change luminosity lets me highlight the contours of the surface to my satisfaction.

The only reason I don’t give this 5 stars is
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By Suzana Vuksanovic
The lamp itself looks nice enough, however the base is garbage. Cheap materials and difficult to assemble, requiring significant force to try and get the thing together. Base also doesn't allow space to have the lamp plugged in from the bottom while sitting on it to hide the port. Probably going to throw it out and find something else to
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By Scott Norris
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4.7 | 399 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect. Thrilled with deivery
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By Janine Lawrence
It's for a kid's birthday gift. So it would be used in November but it looks great for
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By Trinh Phung
The light togglw switch is very loose and poor quality. I dont recommend this seller as the seller never replied to my
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By Dharmesh
product price + $5.99 Delivery
4.5 | 987 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son was so excited to receive this as a gift and takes pride of place on the bedroom
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By Happy customer
My kids love
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By David Battese
I like
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By Trinh Phung
4.7 | 305 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This light is amazing, so amazing this is the 2nd I’ve purchased! (Wanted one to keep for when we stay at my parents house)
It dims low enough not to disturb anyone who’s sleeping but also brightens enough to light the entire room, and to be able to properly change a nappy without missing anything! I love the yellow light setting
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By Caitlin
This is the BEST nightlight I've seen. The battery life lasts for days (maybe 6 nights and it's on for 12 hours each night). I use it in my kids' room. Easy to recharge. Not cords to worry about. We will even take it camping or on holidays. Such a great buy for not much money. Highly
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By A Jones
We were given one of these when our 2nd child was born and it is honestly the best baby related gift that we have ever gotten. It's now the first thing I buy for baby showers. The dimmest setting is very dim and perfect to leave on all night so that you can see your baby immediately when you wake up. The brightest setting is bright enough
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By frarents
4.3 | 3,753 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son is 5 months old and he really loves this light. He is amazed by it. The light has a lot better projection than the other lights I've bought before. It also has a timer which it's very handy as I don't need to go into the room to turn it
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By Venus Hatton
I like the projector lamp, although arrived late . Was hoping that you could charge with USB and it would last for a bit, seems it either has to be plugged in or on batteries. It also makes a faint noise while
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By O
If Amazon's returns process wasn't so involved and annoying, I would have returned this for a full refund. It's a junk version of what you think you're buying. The dome with stars doesn't clip into the base, just sits on top as if it's not part of the same product. If you moved the base, it would simply come off. The night light function
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By Emma
4.3 | 1,878 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality is good and works well. As suggested should be kept at a higher level to have clear projection.

Bought it for my son's birthday and he absolutely loves
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By Manpreet Walia
Purchased as lighting for childs tent. Projects really well in small space but also in larger room.
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By Annemarie Kernot
Happy with
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By Kristie Sky
4.2 | 5,920 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It had all the features that I was looking for. I purchased it for my grandson. He just loves
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By Donna Locke
This was a gift to my great niece. And her mother said she loved it. She also said it helped her to go to
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By Horace R.
I am not happy at all! It arrived on friday i only used it once and then the music wouldn't stop playing! The night light wont respond to the remote or to the buttons on the nightlight it wouldn't even turn off! My babies are so sad because they loved
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By Suzannah F.
4.3 | 354 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing gift for my sons 3 and 6 years old they are so happy to go to the bed to sleep with this stars and moons light, I don’t regret this pure haze at all. You just need to remove the
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By Mouni
Brought this for babies room, red star setting is great and works well during the day with the curtains not fully pulled (room not completely dark). Rotating motor is not silent however and does make an obvious audible noise. I would still purchase again had I known this, best part is that it works during the day. The power does not
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By Michael Goulding
The photos showing the Star Projector in action do not reflect the actual product performance.
Unfortunately the stars that are projected onto the ceiling are blurry and
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By Leo A Birch
4.4 | 237 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved the ease of operation. It's in my daughter's room and all she has to do is turn it on using the button at the bottom. It can change colours with a touch and it has a soft glow and not an overpowering light. There are no troublesome cords and it can be moved anywhere in the house without needing a power point. A quick charge every
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By Paea
My young puppy wouldn't sleep without a night light :( This softest glow of this one worked well, though it worked best when kept behind the curtain so maybe an even softer glow for one of the options would be good?
The colours were cool & a child would really enjoy
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By angus jack russell
Cute lamp, but the pat to turn on stopped working after the first day. I've tried charging it but it didn't help. I have to use the button on the bottom top turn it on and then pick it up and put it down heavily on the sensor pad top change the colour. It works but it's annoying.

Lowest setting is bright enough for a night
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By Hope234
4.7 | 66 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
A lamp :D Does the job! hahaha

Dimmed light options with different colors, battery lasts a few hours, my clumpsy fingers don't always turn it on or off as desired but works with other fingers quite well hahaha
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By Martin
Love it.
So many options for lighting my son's room. He's 3 and figured out how to use it in no time.
Smaller than I thought but that's actually a plus in my book. The colours look great and I'm absolutely in love with the dimming function.
Battery life is astonishing.
I hope we will last a long
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By Carmen Sachse
Using this as a breastfeeding night light and I can say it's not harsh as we kept it on all night at the dimmest setting and was able to fall asleep. Battery life is great as I was able to use it overnight without needing to charge it. Will definitely
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By lyna
4.5 | 82 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read a study that concluded red was the best colour for a nightlight. I bought four of these (two packs) to replace my white LED night lights. This item doesn't put out as much light but it doesn't wake me up so much as the regular lights. It's a soothing colour although my wife quipped it makes the bathroom look like a
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By Bernard Morey
I placed my order on 9th of May,2018 and received it in the morning on 14th of May, 2018. The delivery was as punctual as described. The product amazes me. It works very well without battery and they can be used in two individual rooms. The light is very soft and makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. I love it. It is recommended.2 Pack
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By ziming Xu
It deserves a 5-star rating, its a good value product, sleek modern design. I really liked it. The brightness is just right for my bathroom. Unfortunately one of the 2 is not working :( Bad luck. For the first time l checked out returning item, but decided against it in the LIGHT of this covid19 restrictions, l think twice about going
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By Esther K
4.1 | 130 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Another reviewer said it was small, but it still looked big in the picture. In my pictures I've included an xbox one controller for scale. It's not the big. The Diameter is probably about 10cm.

Otherwise that it's pretty cool. I didn't realise it can be used wirelessly after charging it with the included cable. It's not super
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By Ricky Oliva
I received this LED today and my daughter just loves it. it is easy to charge using the charging cable so no need to change batteries. 4 different mode and it also let you change the brightness. perfect for night light in the
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By Abhi
As the heading suggests, my thoughts are that the light is cheaply made, but than again it wasn't expensive. The coloured sticker on top just adds to the over all cheap feel and look.

The coloured lighting is pointless as the brightness can not be adjusted.

I also have the VAVA Night Light with charging base, even
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By Steve
4.3 | 62 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got the parcel today and was sooo excited when I got home. Immediately tried the lamp and oh my so gosh! Just the right size and it’s sooo cute!!! Love it!!! I hope my sister won’t harbour this when she comes visit me in a few days!
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By Mitchikoi
Love this moon lamp. Makes the perfect night light for the kids. You can take it off it’s stand and hang off a curtain rod or wall mount. Different colour options
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By MarlonandLiv
Item is ok, there's no remote or on/off switch (and yes the advert never states there is), but its very basic...
The real issue is the seller, I have sent numerous emails to this seller, requesting to be sent the Bonus Downloadable Moon Calendar, that is Advertised to be part of the purchase. The seller said the paid link was emailed
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By Aussie Dink
5.0 | 12 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product I bought almost 3 weeks ago and I have installed straightaway after full charge. It’s been 3 weeks I haven’t charged for second time. It light on with the motion. Very easy to take that out charge andput that back in. Good value for money and highly recommend this
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By Sagar
Smaller than anticipated, but is the perfect size for the light emitted. I love the multiple ways to mount the light (stick, magnet and hook). Did not take long to charge for first use. My husband is impressed and wants me to buy another!
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By SJ Boehm
Put in master en-suite. Great alternative to turning actual light on in the night. Hooks on anything and has 3M magnet on the back as an option. Sensor works well and responds to light and
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By Jessica Yates
5.0 | 7 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've bought a couple of such products before. There's no doubt this is the best, and the reason for this is because the LED is bright, really bright! The issue is, when it's so bright, it can probably hurt your children's eyes, so be sure to put it where they can't be hit by direct light, and you'll be fine. The images that is projected
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By Euwing
Such a cute product. It doubles as a nightlight, or projector when you take the lid off. comes with a range of films which you can change. There’s different colour and brightness modes you can choose too. I personally prefer to use it as a
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By David Lee
Very cute design, easy to use and my niece loves to use it at bed time.

Doubles as a night light and a projector and is great at both

Happy with the
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By Jean-Luc