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4.7 | 1,201 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very happy with this light, suits my intended purpose perfectly. The build quality and fit and finish feels very sturdy, except the plastic C ring clips that hold the cable neatly in place are very flimsy and are easily moved, though not a big deal.

It would be great if a future model could be a smart light that you could
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By Dave
Easy to assemble, multiple brightness selection, very easy to adjust the goose neck to the right angle you need. I find I don't even have to have it on full brightness to make it easy to read under, it's that powerful. It's sturdy, easy to use and is fantastic value for money. My only concern before I purchased them (I bought 2) was the
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By RayT
I like this light. When it is early in the day I use the white light and change it to the warm light when the sun goes down. Also as the night goes on I dim the light and use the flexible neck to bend it towards the wall and I get a lovely relaxing effect to watch a video or play a game or read my ebook before I got to
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By Maia
4.5 | 65 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife bought this to replace a floor lamp bought at Bunnings. This one is so much better, it's like space age vs stone age. It looks nice and build quality feels good. Footprint minimal for a floor lamp, yet steady. The brightness and colour temperature settings are very useful. Max brightness is not needed for reading and photography.
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By Owen
This lamp is excellent & I particularly like the flexibility of colour temperature & brightness.
it remembers the last setting (both colour temperature & brightness), which is very convenient.
I use it to provide gentle light to a large room whilst feeding baby late at
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By Dan
Easy to use. Stable base. Worth the money. I alway use only the lower brightness mode and it already perfect for reading book and Temperature adjustable is a bonus. The high is suitable for use as the bed side floor lamp. I always use it for reading a book on my
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By Piyawat
4.9 | 19 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This lamp is amazing. The height of the lamp is reasonably high and its not too short or too long. It is easy to assemble and can be dismantled very easily too. The lights are very good and bright. The brightness and colours can be changed with just one touch button on top of the lamp. The light intensity and colours can be set according
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By Malick
Pulled the trigger after this released and good comments on the Xiaomi one that is similar.
* Great design - it has the height and is adjustable.
* Build is similar to ikea - easy to take apart and came in compact packaging
* Dimmable / light quality itself is excellent - uses a touch pad / soft buttons on
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By Chris
Was looking for something very sleek and yet sold and must this floor lamp ticks all the boxes for me and the pricing is just right. Packing was great and installing this lamp was very easy and step-by-step instruction was provided in the box. There are 4 different levels of setting on this lamp and varies from warm white to cool white.
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By Ajaju
4.5 | 12 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought it, wasn't expecting much, but was surprised for the price, how good it is, can highly recommend if you need a light to brighten a dark corner or a whole
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By Thomas Wolff
Love it! I use it to light up our lounge when watching TV. Much better than the 3 bright pendant lights we have. The single one is great as it can be pointed where
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By Geeaygee
The product was delivered on time. It was easy to assemble and looks good. It provides subdued room lighting and the directional light can be used for
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By Morian
4.3 | 12 customer ratings
70% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Sian
The product itself is great . However , one of the legs didn't have the inserts for the studs. We had to improvise with some items found in our shed . And yes, we could have returned it, but the inconvenience was too much
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By Linda Seinemeier
Looks good . But the racks could have been bit larger . Isn’t sturdy as it looks like made from MDF which is not strong . Can’t put too heavy
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By big B
4.0 | 14 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really nice quality fully metal construction. Has a nice weight to it and the colour of the finish is what I would describe as ‘latte’. Light is a warm white, and while nice, would have been better if it matched their ambience white bulbs (range of white temperatures). Has an optional floor switch that you can use if you don’t have
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By Cameron
I grabbed this on sale to replace an Ikea floor lamp with a standard Hue bulb in it. The design of the lamp is fantastic - it's sturdy but svelte, and the adjustable angles on the light itself are great. Unfortunately it's really quite limited compared to the other Hue products in terms of its smart light functions - it's nowhere near as
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By Dominic Clarke
This is a perfectly lovely looking a lamp, unfortunately it's good looks are marred by its poor performance.

I have two big problems with it, the first is that it is very top heavy and on a thick carpet it's less than stable.
The second and possibly the worst problem is, the fact that it refuses to Dim pass about 33%
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By Duncan O'Halloran
3.7 | 21 customer ratings
63% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to assemble, works really well and easy to use. Very easy to set it up where and how you need it. Super fast shipping!

The fluorescent “globe” is not as bright as I need for drawing very fine details but I can get a brighter one at local hardware quite easily. 10/10 would buy
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By ozejulz
The light itself is good on this, however it doesn't hold when you maneuver it, even if you tighten the brackets. I had to get some parts welded so it would stop falling out of the holder. In the end i saved and got something
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By Amazon Customer
Unfortunately this image of the lamp was not correct. It showed that there was an adjustable handle in the middle of the stand BUT it does not ha e one. As this is why l purchased it, l’m very disappointed in the
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By K Kent