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Reviewed in Australia on 13 March 2020
I grabbed the free sample of this and was absolutely gripped from the outset. I really enjoyed the premise and thought the writing was dark and intriguing, even if it was a little plain. It really didn’t take long to go downhill, there was maybe a chapter or two more that was really good, but it tapered off quickly into an episode of the Bachelor. Every interesting thing about the main character and the ideas raised, took a back seat to a dull as hell textbook instalove with Prince Charming. All tension was lost as it became obvious that no one was ever going to be in any danger (I think some people may have died at some stage near the end, but I honestly couldn’t care about them less), the world building was all over the shop and just seems to be introduced as was required to fit the plot. Every other character was completely one dimensional. Don’t go looking for anything subtle, everyone just does what they say on the cover. Needless to say this was incredibly disappointing after such a strong start. Avoid.
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4.5 out of 5
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