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Reviewed in Australia on 4 November 2019
First of all I have to mention the support I received from the Nulaxy team, awesome. I had a question or two that was puzzling me and they were fantastic in making sure they understood my problem and did everything possible to help me, even to offering a refund because I wanted it to do something it doesn't do as yet! I refused, it's crazily cheap for what it has to offer.

The audio is terrific, more to the point, it all depends on how good your sound system is because it plays through the FM station on your radio that you set it to. Reminds me of the days in the movie drive-in that used a similar method after they got rid of the old speakers you hung on your car window!
No point my going over what usb outputs and features it contains, that's in the description already.
What I will point out is that in order for you to hear a phone call you choose a blank FM frequency, now this is where I dropped one star, I really think it should let you assign to a working radio station frequency and have the phone call override the radio when it comes through.
In other words, if you are tuned to a radio station currently, you have to rely on being able to hear your phone is ringing and then go to the frequency that you have the bluetooth transmitter tuned to or you can't have it come over the sound system. So it's radio on or silence.
I guess most people would be listening to music from the sd card/phone storage and this wouldn't be much of an issue, but it would be awesome if they could make the radio drop and have the transmitter override it in a future update or design.
However, for all it does and for so little price, you can't go wrong.
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