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Reviewed in Australia on 23 October 2021
This is good value, but not without its faults, the most annoying being that the keyboard and mouse won't wake up my sleeping computers, so ironically, I've added a second mouse to the laptop (elitebook) to wake it up.

Otherwise the only other issues I've had have been poor quality image (usually resolved by switching port and back) - this is a regular issue.

An instance where the peripherals weren't detected (already plugged in). I tried turning it off and on and it resolved the issue. Turning it off and on is somewhat a hassle given you need to unplug EVERYTHING to unpower it (no power switch). So label your cables into the device.

Otherwise my only other complaint is the front ports for keyboard and mouse, which I've always thought was messy and impractical.

But, if the above mentioned issues are ongoing and it lasts a couple of years then it was worth it. I just hope the above issues are not a sign of failing hardware (it's only a couple of weeks old).

I can confirm it does work with wireless kB / mouse and I do love the keyboard shortcuts to switch devices. But hate no power switch. Although, it's usb powered, so that's a win.

Again, good value if you can get it to stay alive.
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