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Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2021
Positive aspects:
* There appeared to be no missing wires.
* All of the wires are 20 cm long as ElegooAU specified.
* The wires work well even if M ends of the wires are inserted into F ends of the other wires.
* The wires came organised according to their types: M-M, M-F & F-F. They were stuck together along the coloured plastic jackets around the wires as shown in the images for the product on its Amazon page. They could easily be separated from each other when pulled from one of their ends.
* No metal end of any of the wires have detached from the wire so far. I have used some of the wires & inserted & removed them from a solderless breadboard from ElegooAU several times.

Points for ElegooAU to improve on:
* The packaging that the wires came in was good. However, it was hard to put used wires back into it because it was tight. At the moment, I plan to obtain a small set of three drawers or plastic containers to store the wires in an organised way by type, with room for more wires in case I buy more. In the meantime, I am using one big plastic container that I had lying around & I need to dig a little bit in the pile to find the correct type of wire.
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4.7 out of 5
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