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Reviewed in Australia on 17 November 2021
Honestly, these are expensive for what they are, but I will be buying more of them because it’s made life a little easier.

Essentially they’re a continuous roll of rubbish bags, and when you put them in the tommee tippee twist and click bin, you put the diaper in, spin the top thingy, and push the lid down. It basically just twists this giant rubbish bag roll each time so the smell and nappy contents are contained.

We only use these for baby’s No. 2’s now because they’re so expensive to buy the refills. I have a second flip top bin for his wet nappies, so it’s reduced the price of buying refill cassettes. The smell is contained and all caregivers know where to put dirty nappies. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d use scented nappy bags and just walk out to the outside bin with the soiled nappy before coming back in to wash my hands. But given how cold and wet it’s been this winter, this has been a luxury we have enjoyed, and 1 less thing to have to worry about when at the “baby changing station”.

Amazon is the cheapest place to bulk buy these refill cassettes. I’m about to purchase one more 6 pack of refills as we speak. So get around it peeps ;)
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