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Reviewed in Australia on 15 December 2018
Ok so I decided to try one of these to see if they were as good as reviews say they are and I have to say they’re mostly right.
I’ve been using an old, but still really good, set of Bose QC15s to play games with on Xbox One. They sound really good using windows sonic audio.
The Arctis 3s support the signal too and I was surprised that for such an entry level set of headphones, they perform quite well. The overall sound quality and how they handle game audio is nice but not great. The Bose have a nice broad soundspace but the Arctis 3 lack treble that you can pick up with the Bose. Bass is nice and punchy and voices and sound effects are clear.

Fit is quite nice too. I was a bit worried when I found out the headset earcups can’t actually be pulled to fit different height heads, but the ski band was stretchy enough to give me a nice overall fitmemt. The earcups are soft and they can get warmish after a while but nothing uncomfortable. The earcups are a bit loose/not tight enough on my ears so there’s a lot of noise bleed both going from and into the headset. The build quality is very plastic and hollow but I don’t mind as they were $78 and they’re not in the premium range.

Overall I actually recommend them. Sound quality is nice, which is my number 1 buying factor for headphones.
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