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Reviewed in Australia on 4 September 2021
After many years of using gaming mice, I think I have found my perfect mouse.

Before now, I have never used a wireless gaming mouse that did not feel like it had a major flaw, somewhere in its design and use.

My previous long term gaming mouse was the Corsair M65, which was pretty much perfect for me if it weren't for the eventual result of one of the weights under the mouse regularly coming loose and falling out. This Basilisk comes close to having a similar weighted feel that I am very comfortable with.

In bluetooth mode, battery life is incredible. I have been running the battery that came in the device for about 8 months now, several house of use each day, with the occasional (though rare) day where I have forgotten to turn the mouse off and it has sat in bluetooth mode over night.... yet it still register as 80% battery life. Part of that is due to this being the barebones Basilisk, without any useless LED lighting to burn through unnecessary energy.

The other, 2.4ghz mode feels good, but I honestly did not feel I needed it. Maybe if I were in a highly "bluetooth" polluted environment where a signal could be lost because of every other douche using their bluetooth devices. The fact that the dongle for the 2.4ghz mode is hidden snuggly in the body of the mouse is a nice touch so that you don't have to worry about carrying/losing it.

Now after 8 months it feels like a real gaming mouse in terms of clicks. I have had other "gaming" mice with those claims of billions of clicks, only to start magically double clicking on single clicks after 6 months... including not-the-absolute-top-FPS-flagship-model mice from Logitech, Corsair, etc. This feels like a proper mouse I will be using for the next 5 to 10 years.

One flaw I do feel in the design... switching DPI is a single toggle button behind the mouse wheel... not UP and DOWN buttons to bounce back and forth. So if you go one step faster in DPI, you are going to cycle your way forward until you reach the lesser speed again. That and the fact that you don't have any kind of colour LED indicator regarding which DPI mode you are in makes switching DPI mid-game (if that is your sort of thing)... makes it less intuitive as you will have to stop and swivel test when you cycle back to your normal DPI choice (unless you're one of those people that is willing to commit to memory how many toggle clicks it takes to cycle back... and that ain't me).

And most important for me... all functionality also works in Linux. After connecting under an Ubuntu distro of Linux... both Bluetooth and the 2.4ghz dongle... Linux automatically displays a battery meter in the task bar for the Basilisk, and your device is acknowledged by its full "Razer Basilisk X.... etc" name under Linux.

Thumb buttons act as normal by default (forward and back in your browser for example)... and always acknowledge as their proper "Thumb" designations when rebinding in games.. both under Windows and Linux.

Simple, yet very effective... I find I prefer using this Basilisk now over my old (yet still clicking perfectly) Corsair m65. very happy with this purchase.
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