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Reviewed in Australia on 11 February 2019
Edit: I have downgraded my review as this device has just got more and more frustrating to use. The process of adding or updating activities is PAINFULLY slow, gets stuck in a loop all the time. It is a complete displeasure to use.

This device does, mostly, what I bought it for, however there are a few major issues:

- It can only control one set of devices, combined into an "activity", at a time. So you can use it to watch TV and control the TV and the amp together, for example - but you cannot use it to turn on and off your air conditioning at the same time. If you turn one activity on while another is running, it turns everything off. Every time. There are settings to "disable" this in the app but they do not work (confirmed on my harmony and also a friend's system). If you want to control a device independently of others, you need another solution.

- The programming only works some of the time. You can program a delay in between commands if required (say if your TV takes a few seconds to turn on before you can change the channel or if you have a device that needs to be powered on a few seconds before another) – however, they often do not work. I had a 10-second pause programmed between two devices but they still turn on simultaneously. Also, re-arranging device order on the iPad app often does not work (iPhone is fine).

- Technical support is slow. You can only email, and they can take 3-4 days to get back to you. They will also sometimes not actually answer your actual question, necessitating another 3-4 day delay.

-Reserved buttons. There is a set of buttons on the remote which are reserved for “home control” devices and cannot be programmed to use with entertainment devices. If you have no home control devices, they are redundant, and there are very few spare buttons to set as specific commands (in fact there are only two free buttons). Why?

Overall, it works ok, but there is huge room for improvement - disappointing for a product that has been on the market for years. Would be hesitant to recommend.
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