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Reviewed in Australia on 19 March 2020
I got these about 2 weeks ago and all was fine. i agree with most of the reviews about the sound quality, the way they attach to your ears and do not fall off despite vigorous training, the general loudness, and ease of use. One major problem I have had with my TrueWings is that they will reconnect to my phone when they are in the case. So initially when i put them away, they disconnect but then a minute or so later, they reconnect. I noticed this the other day when I realised that the battery was way lower than it should have been. They were in the case overnight so should have fully charged (there were two lights still in the case the next day) but after about 45 minutes into my run, the speakers discharged fully and shut down. I think that when they are connected to my phone they don't charge so this could explain it. I tried manually turning on the headphones but after you put them in the case, they seem to start up again a minute or so later and then connect to your phone. I am not sure what to do now since i turn on my bluetooth on my phone to connect to other devices and cant remember to turn them off all the time. I could not find any information on PowerPeats website to help me. I cannot find if there is any firmware and how to install it. If anyone has information feel free to let me know. Without this problem I would have given these speakers 5 stars.

Update 27 March 2020
I realised there is a problem with the left hand speaker. It does not charge whether the case is connected to the charger or not. So there is a problem with this product. I will update my review if I receive a working product.
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