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Reviewed in Australia on 24 August 2021
Finally, after ordering on the 15th of July, I have a working HDD in my system.
Original HDD that shipped from the US was DOA. Chose to RMA it directly through Seagate, assuming it would be faster than trying to return it all the way back to the states.
The replacement drive finally arrived yesterday, and worked immediately upon installing it in the new system.
I will give Seagate kudos for their ease of return of the old one, but the shipping experience was terrible both on the original and the replacement drive. I work in retail, and fully understand that shipping during covid is terrible, but this was insane. Watching the tracking, it went in and out of China several times during transit.
I've used many Seagate and WD HDDs and this experience hasn't turned me off the brand, but it has definitely been the most frustrating experience I've had with the company to date.
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