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Reviewed in Australia on 4 July 2019
A great overview of modern DevOps practices, covering at a high level what a modern development workplace "should" be doing. Well organised and very readable, which can't always be said for technical books.

It can come across as a bit buzzwordy and sales-pitchy at times - I'd prefer to never again have to read either of the phrases "optimising the value stream" or some variation of "those who adapt these practices will succeed in the marketplace at the expense of those who don't". At a certain point the authors need to accept that either they've sold the reader on the concept or not, and just cover the concept that they're introducing.

I get that it's the concepts that are important and not the tools, but I would have appreciated an occasional breakout deep dive into the details of what someone did with tool X in order to accomplish objective Y. Those are lightly brushed on - example tools for accomplishing a given objective are listed, and there are case studies throughout - but they're often very evangelistic ("Etsy did X and optimised their value stream!") without the warts and all technical details. To be fair, there's an "additional resources" section in the back that points to more technical resources.
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