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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2019
Using the app on the phone is tedious and slow, but so far I have been able to program it to do pretty much everything.
You can use the Windows software but it is pretty much the same.
The only difficulty I have found is with some "dumb" device that has no dedicated button for specific inputs but instead requires you to press the inputs button, and then the arrows to go on the input of choice. In that case you have to find a workaround to "automate" the action on the remote. But it is not Harmony's fault.
The dedicated HA buttons are easy to assign if you have a HUE Bridge, and they are actually very handy.
I am using the HUB with a three-head blaster cable so I am sure that the signal always gets to the devices that rely on IR (the emitters have to be applied on the devices in the area of their IR receiver).
Everything else that works over LAN or BT of course has no signal issues.
The remote is solid and the shape is really nice, sits very comfortably in the hand. Being it RF you do not need to point it at the devices you want to control.
The only problem, so far, is that there is no back-light for the buttons. But it still is the best remote I have purchased so far.
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