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Reviewed in Australia on 7 October 2021
I know we didn't need to buy a Nintendo branded memory card, but these little things are so small, I figured if I dropped it, then it would be easier to find (at least if it fell right side up). But seriously, it solved our storage issues from buying a few games in the recent Nintendo Switch eShop deals. We now have plenty of room for new purchases. I would add that there is a bit of switching between old and new SD cards and copying to and from the console until you can comfortably retire the old SD card. Dedicate a few hours, and remember to work out a routine to transfer. As I only had about 16GB available on the Switch itself, it took at least 7 swaps of the SD cards before everything was on this big card. I'm sure there may be easier ways to do this, but it worked, and now we have all the room we need. Great purchase.
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