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Reviewed in Australia on 19 August 2020
I read this and the book by Lady Colin Campbell in the same week and there is no comparison. Lady C's book is very well written. If this is written by a journalist I am very surprised! The command of grammar is just not there. And the dead giveaway that Meghans shadow is all over it is Americanisms. The English do NOT say "run errands" and yet this expression, this americanism is in the book. Its a book about two very self absorbed people. Every excuse given for wanting to leave England makes little sense. The false explanation that they are seeking privacy when they lived in private grounds in Windsor Castle when now they live in a property with sweeping views in a highly populated area. If you see out for miles long range cameras for miles see in! isn't the reality the obvious reality is it is a money thing. Meghan is very savvy, now has a 20 million dollar house and if things sour this puts her streets ahead of what would have happened in England where Harry's money was protected. All i'm seeing is someone with borderline personality disorder. Someone loving attention. How isolating Harry from his family and friends is good for his mental health is beyond me. How isolating their child from his cousins and family and his royal tradition is a good idea is beyond me. How leaving the perfect institution to raise money and do good deeds when that is what she says she wants to do and had to leave the institution for makes zero sense. Meghan has a history of cutting off her friends and family. Now Harry is encouraged to do the same and he is no doubt going out of his mind living the celebrity lifestyle which he despises. He does not look well these days. He loves the outdoors, the army pursuits the discipline and now its all about lazy days doing nothing. its very sad and although it would be great if it worked out I can't see it happening. Meghan reminds me of Paul Mccartneys ex in so many ways. the fact she left her baby in another country alone is bizarre and an act of spite. The fact she has refused to visit the queen at balmoral over the summer is horrible. this poor baby is growing up without grandparents aunts uncles of cousins. She is just not family oriented. She is Meghan oriented. I give it a couple more years and that will be it.
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