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Reviewed in Australia on 2 March 2019
I felt like I was opening a new apple product when I received these little bad boys. The quality of the packaging was impressive, as was the feel of the charging dock and comprehensive user manual. The charging dock doubles as a power bank and can charge the earbuds over and over again without the need to plug it into the mains (great for a long period outside or on the job). There is a charge indicator light on the dock that shows you how much charge is left in the docks power bank and the earbuds slot into the dock with magnetic locks (a cool feature). Pairing the earbuds was intuitive and easy to do without reading the manual.

I tried pairing the L earbud to my phone, while I paired the right to my Smart TV and it worked well, until I pushed the button on the piece and it paired itself to the right and I got the Smart TV through both earbuds, which is ok because now I know how to do that. (I discovered that If you want both to sound with one source, you need to connect the Right earbud which is the master and you need to connect it to which ever device you want. I found turning the earbuds off and on again fixed some of the minor issues I initially had.)

The sound quality was good for the price point, but not as great as my fancy wired headphones (as you would expect). There were some minor latency issues when connected to the smart TV watching streaming video, but may have been my internet connection speed as they worked well when connected to my laptop watching youtube videos. Overall the earbuds met my expectations and are definitely value for money and most of all I love the charge bank feature of the charging dock!
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