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Reviewed in Australia on 16 January 2020
Don't get me wrong this was a great buy from the seller. It's Sony I have my gripe with. The PS4 went backwards from what the PS3 offered and all the money I put into games on the PS3 (which was a lot!) cant be used on the PS4!?!? Whats the problem with reformatting the games for PS4 or offering free downloads for the games I already actually own?! But no, I have to buy same games all over again, you're a rip-off merchant Sony. Why Sony has managed to bring out the most powerful console yet hasn't worked out how to allow the user to play all older classic games is beyond belief! Now Sony are charging players to play multiplayer on games they own (which used to be free on the PS3 & the reason I sold my Xbox One S btw!), apart from Sony being slightly cheaper to play multiplayer than the Xbox One S, I'm disgusted. Also what seems to come with the PS4 is more confusing tech, the beauty of the PS3 was its simplicity, I was hoping that would stay a Sony trait, not for PS4, setting is a minefield of heading that dont really describe what they actually do well. I am hoping for much better in the PS5 and it can't come soon enough!
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