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Reviewed in Australia on 26 October 2020
I have close to 20 LIFX globes and thought I would try out Hue globes, thinking Hue may offer distinct advantages. Was rather disappointed that the Hue globes responded slower to commands from the app, not as bright (which is correctly advertised with lower lumens), the colour does not feel as vibrant, the user experience design of the app does not feel as good as LIFX’s app, and the additional fiddling needed to setup multiple mobile devices for “away from home” control

If you want a system that does not depend on the internet to operate fully, then Hue is great. If you want more variety of products in the ecosystem, then Hue definitely stands out.

On the other hands, if you want the best globes (brightness, colour) or the best app, LIFX may suit better.
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