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Reviewed in Australia on 20 May 2020
Received the driver bundled with an extra USB-C cable. Great! Except... it doesn't work. I have a 2019 Macbook Pro so I would prefer to use it (the LaCie drive has a proprietary connection on the drive, and then the supplied cable is USB-A). Currently using an adapter on the USB-A cable as the USB-C one has a strange part deep inside the port, so it will not click into place or insert fully on my Macbook. Doesn't register as plugged in even if held in place, not that you would want to. And I cannot use any of the USB-C cables I have as the drive needs that proprietary plug on one end.

So first hurdle was easy. But then I connected the drive and followed the quick-start system. Downloaded the LaCie software (Toolkit) which from what I can tell will basically just set up a version of Raid1 so you can mirror drives, and have a folder on your computer mirrored so when you change files they update on the drive. Kind of like Time Machine / Dropbox etc. And the Toolkit application informed me I would need to reformat the drive for full OSX speed. Note: the product listing says it needs to be reformatted just to use it, but Toolkit says it is just to get full speed (and you will lose Windows compatibility). I reformatted using Toolkit, it threw an error, and the drive was no longer recognized....

If I didn't know how to manually use Disk Utility to reformat the drive (which now didn't show on the desktop or finder) I would be left with a useless brick. Very poor form on LaCie's part with this Toolkit software. I reformatted manually, got it recognized, now Toolkit is showing it as usable and I can start moving things over. All is well.

There is no data recovery with the standard model, only the "Secure USB-C" model, so you need to purchase that in addition (and I'm not sure how you would get it done if outside the US. I'm in Australia and not sure if I will do it, might just run Raid1 and hope for the best). Also the bundled Adobe software is free for 1 month. Great! Except I already have the software, and it does not add a month free to my account, even though you can connect it to an existing account. Pointless. A lot of users will be involved in design and photography and already have Photoshop/Lightroom (it excludes Final Cut etc.).

Essentially I've got a relatively expensive drive in a cute rubber shell, with all the "LaCie extras" unusable or redundant. I'll keep it for now as postal returns during Covid are a nightmare but I would suggest getting something more basic for home use.
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