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Reviewed in Australia on 30 July 2018
Damien Boyd has created an excellent series of police dramas set in the south west of England based round DO Nick Dixon, DS Jane Winter , and his dog Monty. This one is even better so I had no trouble awarding 5 stars.

A girl goes missing. Dixon and Winter are on holiday in the lakes so the investigation proceeds without them. Then another girl goes missing. So both are called back especially when we find out the second girl is the grand daughter of Dr Boland their friend and forensic scientist. Dixon brings his very sharp brain to work and sees problems with the way the investigation is going.

There is plenty of action as the true story starts to be revealed and suspects need to be tracked down. Leading to a fairly exciting finish. Well a climax followed by further investigations and unexpected outcome.

The romance between Dixon and Winter is getting close to the M word. Jane's lost sister turns up and does provide an insight so a lot of interesting sub plots. Readers who think like Dixon and look at people's behaviour might spot a few clues early on but don't worry just read the book.

There is an unusual prologue which describes an incident on the canal lock some time I the past. It doesn't lead directly into the story. Damien explains the link in his acknowledgement at the end.

All in all a very exciting and entertaining story and leaves me looking forward to his next effort.
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