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Reviewed in Australia on 4 April 2020
I've used these for almost 3 months now and it has been one of the best earbuds (for this price range) that I've ever used. I'm a big sound guy - that loves a lot of bass rumble - that finds these too good for the price. I've got these hooked up to my iPhone X and it is just amazing sound quality. I have a friend that owns the notorious Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds and I tried both. I'm going to be very honest here, with the XM's they do sound good but I actually do not find a big difference in those compared to these Truengines!. It only slight detail differences and max volume. These earbuds do get loud on max but not as loud as I wish they could be on max. The earbuds do have a specific fit as these did not fit some of my friends when they tried them. The fit is one of the most important things in earbuds as the seal will make the biggest difference in sound quality. If it's not in properly, you lose all the detail and depth because the frequencies don't end up in your ear but leak outside. So make sure these are in, you'll know when you have trouble hearing people talk to you haha. The passive noise canceling is amazing, you lose all awareness of your surroundings which is nice when you're alone vibin' out but can be annoying when outside and you have to use 1 earbud to keep yourself safe. I hope SOUNDPEATS join the premium side of things and develop active-noise canceling earbuds, I genuinely believe they'll pull it off with an amazing price with superb quality.

When using these with Spotify, I feel like I'm in a studio room. The sound stage is there (obviously not amazing like what over-the-ears would have) but that's not really important because I'm just an audiophile hehe. When playing around with the custom EQ settings on Spotify, pulling up the bass frequency on these will change your life. These bad boys rumble so well, there's absolutely ZERO distortion when in contrast with all the other sound details like high hats, vocals and other sounds (this is mainly in hip-hop / rap).

Would 100% recommend these, please make sure you have a relatively new mobile device with Bluetooth 5.0 as I tried hooking these up on a PC with a Bluetooth 4.0 and the sound was just like 160bitrate which is like watching a 166p video on youtube or listening to a walky-talky. Phone calls on the other hand have a little trouble. When I'm receiving sound from others, it's all clear an easy to understand. But when talking to them, the mic quality is a little stubborn. Sometimes it requires me to speak a little louder or cover my hands over my mouth to redirect the sound straight into the earbud. So I would recommend not getting these if you're a busy person that's always in calls. Otherwise, overall its still perfectly fine to have normal conversations with people.
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