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Reviewed in Australia on 5 April 2021
I am in Australia. I purchased a filtered coffee machine (this is the coffee that drips into a pot on a hot plate) so it's all really a heading element. It was a US machine, so 110W, and I really liked it. Using a standard, cheap US-Australia converter caused my first machine to die after the second use because we use 240W here and it basically fried the heating element system as expected.

Electronic shops here sell very large and expensive "step down" converters for my purpose, but this plug did exactly what I wanted. Read the instructions, you need to turn on the step-down system on the plug which is a separate switch. In any event, used it many times and works perfectly. Cost effective. Should be suitable for other things like irons or electronics involving heating elements requiring 110W US power supply.

When the Australian plug clicked on, it doesn't always fit particularly well into power points here due to the bulk often extending over the switch. But if you put a double adapter into the wall before this plug, it works perfectly fine. Recommended for those who need step-down. Works great as a travel plug converter as well.
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