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Reviewed in Australia on 31 May 2020
The idea of being able to shave in the shower is awesome! The hair magically disappearing underneath you whilst your body gets a cleanse at the same time. Amazing! This product can give you this in theory, but it you have even a remotely thick beard then you're going to be exceptionally disappointed with the execution of this product. In my experience, after exiting the shower, I spend the next five minutes in front of the mirror going over the many patches of my face that have been missed.

This shaver just doesn't have the grunt required to get all hairs with a quick 'up and down'. Even if there's just one rogue hair to go, I often find myself going over it multiple times. The whole device just feels tacky and something you might get for $20 at Aldi. The trimmer has fully cooked it in the first three months, something that I would expect from a $20 shaver.

I was disappointed to see this on "Amazon's Recommended" list. Maybe my expectations of this product were too high? Should I have been more suspicious? Was the shower component a market for those needing something to shave their pubes once every few weeks? In which case, this is probably a very convenient product to do just that.
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